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Since the start of school vacation, 3 weeks have passed. Ever since the beginning, I have been working on my final year project(FYP) which involves the (re)creation of a medical data visualization system. As this project started by a past year senior, there is a working system at the moment for demonstration purpose. As the existing system lacked security features which makes it unsuitable  for public release, my job here is to re-implement the whole thing with security in mind. Unfortunately, the previous student has not done a great job in keeping a good developer guide(it doesn't even exist). I had to figure out how to set up everything from scratch.

In the past, I was rather lazy to do such set-up task. Therefore, I relied on my team mate to set up the server back end while I only focus on writing the code. This time round, I am on my own. No one is there to help me with the set-up and it is now my duty to set up the back end. Fortunately, I know where to look for tutorials. So I have spent a considerable amount of time read up on Django tutorial and tried to set up a mini website to put the knowledge into practice. Along the journey, not only have I manage to learn Django, I have also learnt how SELinux works on RHEL(Fedora). In addition, new linux commands/flags were mastered along the way.

2 more months are left till the end of the holiday, I believe that a lot more will be learned as I progress.


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