Hosting your gitlab behind a reverse proxy server

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Recently, I have decided to use a reverse proxy server to handle all the servers that I am hosting. This helps to mitigate the use of port number behind the url. e.g. http://mydomain:12345. Some of you, who tried to do that for a gitlab server, has probably realized that the urls generated by your gitlab are incorrect.

For example, your gitlab server uses external_url:, and your reverse proxy points http://mydomain to Despite the masking of IP using reverse proxy server, the urls generated for the project continues to use, which is probably not accessible from the internet.

Below is the solution to the problem.

sudo -e /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

set external_url. In my case, I m using the LAN address.

external_url ''

Next, navigate to /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-rails/etc, open gitlab.yml and change the following parameters

host: mydomain
port: 80 
https: false

Restart your gitlab and you will be able to see the changes.

sudo gitlab-ctl restart

WARNING: DO NOT USE sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure. This will override the changes that you have just made.

For those of you that are using Apache to act as a proxy server, it seems that you will need to have external_url to be the same as your proxy url. This is necessary for those running gitlab CI.
Here are the steps to do that. instead of setting your external_url to your LAN address, you may use your TLD that is being used by your Apache.

external_url ''

in the same file, change the following settings

web_server['username'] = 'www-data'
web_server['group'] = 'www-data'
nginx['enable] = false
gitlab_git_http_server['listen_network'] = "tcp"
gitlab_git_http_server['listen_addr'] = "localhost:7000"

Reconfigure gitlab

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

In the update, I have assumed that you have prior knowledge on how to configure a proxy server using Apache.

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